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Social Department Programs

Riyada Project :

Through Al-Maqdese social department, the project was implemented during 2009-2010 which aims at fighting drugs and its effects on the social and economic living conditions in Jerusalem governorate. Through various studies and field research conducted by several organizations, it was noticed that the drug phenomenon is increasing in various areas in Jerusalem governorate, especially East Jerusalem. This project includes public awareness raising activities targeting all segments of the Palestinian society in Jerusalem, especially schools, non-governmental organizations, universities and youth as the most vulnerable segment in the society.


Through Al-Maqdese strategic relationships, Al-Maqdese worked to cooperate and coordinate with the Education Directorate in Jerusalem and its suburbs, Jerusalem governorate office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Palestinian police and several civil society organizations, General administration of Drug prevention, Supreme National Committee for drug prevention, in order to secure protection and security on all implementation levels. The project activities include school competitions, awareness workshops for students and parents, meetings with stakeholders through conducting analysis studies and disseminating them for local and international organizations.

Harm Reduction program (First Phase) :

The first phase of the Harm reduction program was implemented with funding of UNODC during 2010-2011. As part of the program, Al-Maqdese established the Rehabilitation and Guidance Center in which psychological, treatment, guidance and awareness services are provided for drug users in addition to sharing drug equipment and ensuring safe use of drugs in order to reduce harm through field work in various areas in Jerusalem governorate. To achieve these activities, Al-Maqdese cooperated with Jerusalem governorate office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Palestinian police, and several civil society organizations, General Administration of drug prevention, and the Supreme national committee for drug prevention. The program activities included participation in analytical studies with several international research organizations, Arabic and foreign universities in relation to the impact of drug use on the individual, family and the society as a whole.

Youth mobilization in raising awareness on drug addiction in Jerusalem :

The project, implemented in June 2011 and funded by the Polish aid, aims at empowering youth (males and females) and enhancing their leadership skills especially in Shufat Refugee camp through organizing a specialized summer camp, in which youth receive intensive training to build their capacities, raise their awareness on leadership skills, decision making, communication skills, drug related raising awareness mechanisms through the universally adopted peer education methodology in order to disseminate the culture of drug prevention. At the end of the project, a competition was held for the best 5 contributions related to drug prevention and other various prevalent social habits among the society’s segment. The project includes distributing various awareness publications aiming at disseminating the culture of drug prevention.

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