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Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

The general assembly, the most senior authority of Al-Maqdese, consists of more than 31 members who come from the fields of academia, medicine, education, and social activism. They hold one meeting each year in order to set the organization’s strategies, plans, and budget. The general assembly elects its chairman and board of directors; the standing chairman is Mr. Tahir Hashim Annamri.

Considered the highest executive authority for MSD, the board is responsible for achieving the organizational goals and purposes and guiding the work and activities undertaken by the organization. The General assembly elects the members of the Board of Directors every four years.

Members of the Board:

Dr.Bashar A Azzeh – Chairman
Mr. Abed-Assalam Kashor – Vice -president
Mr.Ehab Mohamad ALI
Mrs.Rawan Al-Shareef
Mrs.’Abeer Abu Lebdeha
Mrs.Su’ad Sonqrout
Mrs.Nada AL-Magdalani

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