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MSD succeeds to get an Identity Card for the youth Samaher Obadiah

MSD succeeds to get an Identity Card for the youth Samaher Obadiah

After several attempts from the Israeli Interior Ministry to obstruct and procrastinate the case of the youth Samaher Obadiah, by inventing irrational reasons, the legal staff at MSD succeeded to get an identity card for her.

After many failure attempts to get an identity card for Samaher, who became 16 years old but she hadn’t an identity card, in 3, December 2014, Mrs. Shadia Obadiah came to the legal clinic at MSD to submit an application to represent her daughter Samaher in front of the ministry to get an identity card.

After meeting Mrs. Shadia, this case was accepted and a lawyer started working on it. This case was one of the most complicated cases that the legal clinic staff worked on, because the age of the girl as she became 16 years old, and the social situation in her family as her father was married 3 women, which contradicts the Israeli law.

The lawyer asked Mrs. Shadia to bring all the identity papers and school certificates of her daughter, then they submitted the request to the ministry in 27, January 2015, and then the ministry sent an approval letter and they would schedule an appointment at the court.

One of the most challenges in this case was the request of the Interior Ministry from the family to examine the DNA of the girl, which was unreasonable and unjustified request and it was just to obstruct this case, so the lawyer tried to object it, but at the end the family and the lawyer accepted this request, and after this examination which confirmed that Mr. Jameel is the father of the girl, they submitted it to the ministry.

The ministry continued in its obstructions, it asked for detailed oath about the house and its inhabitants, details about the father’s wives and the nature of their housing and relations, within specific period. Although this was difficult, but the lawyer and the family worked hard to provide the requested papers within a very short time, and then they submitted them to the ministry.

At the end, the ministry couldn’t find any other reasons to obstruct this case, so in 31, May 2016 it approved to issue an identity card to the girl, and put an appointment for to meet her in 28, June 2016, the lawyer told this decision to the family of the girl. The family went to the meeting and got a temporary identity for 2 years and it will be renewed every year. After that, she will deserve the permanent identity if she continues to provide new proofs of her presence in Jerusalem.

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