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البيانات الصحفية

Paper on the Occasion of International Women’s Day

The reality of Palestinian women in light of the violation of their rights and depriving them from their basic and fundamental rights in the city of Jerusalem… Until when? The United Nations announced that the slogan for this year’s International Women’s Day is (Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity), however… when we are talking about the reality of Palestinian women, especially in ... Read More »

Smoking ……. By: Issam Jweehan (Director of Al-Maqdese Awareness Center)

“Smoking kills”, we often hear or see this sentence, but it does not prevent the death of millions of people each year as a result of smoking, especially in poor countries, as the word “killer” on a pack of cigarettes did not affect a lot of smokers, as they keep smoking, and the fact that the number of people who ... Read More »

In The International Labor Day 2014

In The International Labor Day 2014 :  Arabic|  English Read More »

Following Al-Maqdese legal pressure Prisons Administration starts renovating department 4 of Nafha Prison

Al-Maqdese received today a decision stating that department 4 of Nafha prison will be closed to make the necessary repairs and renovations there. Al-Maqdese Legal Clinic was pursuing the file of prisoners of Jerusalem and lands within the green line; these prisoners were moved from Galbou’ prison to department 4 in Nafha prison on 04/03/2012.  Following a number of onsite ... Read More »

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