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Youth Empowerment Project

This project has started in June 2011, funded by the Poland Aid. It aims at empowering the youth and strengthening their leadership skills in Shu’fat Camp in Jerusalem. This will be ensured through conducting a specialized camp including capacity building courses and awareness raising sessions on the leaderships skills, decision making, communication skills, awareness mechanisms related to drug abuse and accordingly being an ambassador for awareness on this critical issue in Jerusalem in general and Shu’fat Camp in specific.

After forming a group of youth selected on specific criteria, they will be trained intensively during the summer, focusing the on the drug abuse scourge and its effect on the society in general and the youth in specific. Afterwards, they will be able to be part of the awareness team that will implement the awareness raising seminars in Jerusalem and Shu’fat Camp schools. Their acquired leadership skills will enable them to participate actively as ambassadors for the awareness campaign on defending the drug abuse in Jerusalem Governorate. At the end of the project, a competition will be conducted for the five best drawings related to drug abuse and posters will be printed and distributed in all areas of Jerusalem.

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