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Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights

This project aims to raise awareness of Palestinian women in East Jerusalem, who have been displaced or threatened with displacement, on their rights. The project trains women on various mechanisms to ask and fulfill their rights. It works to empower them on the professional, economic, social level as well as document her suffering and gain international support for her situation to advance her economic, social and psychological status. The project works with Jerusalemite women on the psychological level, human rights awareness, empowerment on the professional, economic and entrepreneurship level, and has  worked to document violations of their rights. This is implemented through several psychological treatment sessions, human rights and social awareness raising activities and professional training. It also includes documenting the suffering of women through the testimonies and advocacy activities on the local and international levels. The project is implemented in the occupied Palestinian territories, East Jerusalem and Italy in partnership with CESIE. Among the project’s main achievement are producing a documentary film reflecting the realty Jerusalemite women live in and the violations she is subjected to by Israeli authorities.

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Gender Equality Second newsletter : Arabic / English / Italian

Gender Equality Third newsletter : Arabic / English / Italian

Gender Equality Fourth newsletter : Arabic / English / Italian

Gender Equality Fifth newsletter : Arabic / English / Italian

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Destruction of homes and dreams : Jerusalemite women tell their stories of demolition, displacement and eviction : Arabic / English / Italian

In Jerusalem We shall Stay : A Book of Stories that tells stories of Jerusalemite Women and their suffering in Family Unification: Arabic / English / Italian

The loss of homes and hope : The effects of housing demolitions and forced evictions on the rights of Women in East Jerusalem and an assessment of the applicable legal framework : Arabic / English

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