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Protecting Children’s rights

Protecting Children’s rights

Through this project which has started at the beginning of 2012 and continued until February 2013, Al-Maqdese worked on defending and protecting the rights of Palestinian children in Jerusalem, through providing them and their families with legal and technical defense at detention centers and Israeli courts. In addition, Al-Maqdese worked through this project on documenting detentions and arrests, gathering testimonies of the arrested children as well as disseminating them and advocating for children’s rights through issuing factsheets which are published on the local and international levels. This included conducting monthly meetings with related stakeholders in order to share information and assess the current status of children.
Moreover, Al-Maqdese works in partnership with Save the Children-International on implementing advocacy activities through working with the children themselves including producing animated movies based on human rights and raising children awareness in relation to their rights in accordance with international laws and conventions. To achieve this, Al-Maqdese works and cooperates with various civil society organizations and community based organization in Jerusalem, to implement annual events related to Palestinian Child Day and CRC day for example.

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