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Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD) Internship Program provides an opportunity for graduates and professionals from overseas to gain practical experience by working with our organization in Jerusalem on promoting and advocating human rights. Al-Maqdese chooses applicants who will benefit from their experience with us and who can contribute also to the organization and its work on defending social, cultural, political, economic and civil rights. MSD principally recruits interns to work in the Public Relations and Fundraising Department, as well as conducting researches on a variety of topics related to the context of Jerusalem.

Internships are full-time, voluntary, and run for a period of three to six months. Potential interns must make sure, before accepting an internship with MSD, that they have sufficient resources for the entire period of their internship as well as a valid visa.

The intern’s duties are to support the PR & Fundraising Department through: translating and editing MSD’s monthly newsletter (from Arabic to English, English to Spanish, English to French and vice versa); managing MSD’s website content; and translating different releases, position papers, and statements. This also includes conducting legal researches, and advocacy activities. Interns should expect a combination of challenging and routine tasks. Applicants should have a BA in English/French/Spanish literature and/or translation; a BA in Law or LLM is an asset as legal researchers. Familiarity with the Arab-Israeli conflict is essential. The working languages of MSD are Arabic and English. Applicants must be fluent in written and spoken English. Knowledge of Arabic is helpful but not required. Knowledge of human rights terminology is an asset. Computer literacy and familiarity with word-processing programs is essential.

It’s recommended to submit the application at least three months before the suggested starting day of the internship. MSD strives to inform all candidates regarding the decision on their application at least two months before the requested starting date of the internship.

Applicants are required to comply with MSD’s policy and rules relating to health, safety, and cultural diversity.

For those interested, please fill the online application form.

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