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A New Achievement for MSD

A New Achievement for MSD

The staff of MSD legal clinic succeeded to get a 80% reduction of the accumulated debts on the citizen Zuhdi Al-Muthaffar in the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem- Arnona department.

Mr. Zuhdi attended to our legal clinic in 4, April 2016, to apply the papers of the reduction of the Arnona, and after supplying all the necessary papers, the request was submitted to the municipality.

During the previous period, the lawyer was followed up with Mr. Zuhdi and the municipality; we helped him to provide many required documents through the visits to the competent departments.  As usual, the Israeli department take a long time to get the response, to put more pressure on the Jerusalemite citizen, for example, after more than a month we received a letter from the municipality stating that they needed additional papers, and we sent them, after more than two weeks of the sending, we didn’t receive any response, so the lawyer went to the municipality to enquire about this delay, and he discovered that this file was suspended until providing a proof of non ownership of the house that Mr. Zuhdi lived in. The owner of this building was Zuhdi’s brother, who was a prisoner in an Israeli prison, and because of the need to many procedures and the difficulty to visit him, this paper took a long time. After a long time, we could get the ratification and the right oaths and hand them to the municipality.

In 30, November 2016, we received a letter from the Municipality stating that Mr. Zuhdi had received a reduction of 80% of the accumulated debts to the Arnona department

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