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Al-Maqdese concluded a training workshop on “Strategies to reduce drug use”

Al-Maqdese concluded a training workshop on “Strategies to reduce drug use”

On Thursday 20/5/2016, Al-Maqdese concluded a training workshop on “Strategies to reduce drug use” that targeted social work students at Al-Quds University in Abu-dis. The training was conducted and supervised by the manager of MSD awareness center, Mr.Issam Jwehan, and the psychological expert Ms. Ghada Muhsen, the training concluded 18 training hours throughout two days and was held at Al-Quds University. Moreover, the members of Al-Quds university staff took part in the opening session of the training: The Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdul R’aouf Assenawi, representative of workers’ council and representative of the administrative board at Al-Quds university, Dr. Majdi Hamayel and the head of the department of Social work, Dr. Najwa Al-Sadafi.

The training session was opened with a welcoming speech that indicated the importance of similar trainings in raising students’ awareness on drug use, its types and different uses and to update any information they have in this regard, it also indicated the role of educational institutions and civil society organizations in raising awareness on this topic, especially that educational institutions include the youth groups who are most vulnerable to drug addiction. The training involved presentations on drug use and its different types. It also addressed the issue of chemical drugs that are heavily pervasive among the youth and discussed risk reduction strategies. Moreover the story of a recovered addict was displayed to the students. The second day of the training involved practical exercises that are relevant to the reality so that students can acquire practical skills in dealing with the different cases during their work as social workers, furthermore, a recovered addict who is working now as a an advisor in treatment centers presented to the students his story and recovery experience from drug use and crime.

30 students from the social work department attended the training; their interaction with the instructors was positive and showed their lack of knowledge on the subject of drug use or the false information they have on the topic of drug use. Thus the instructors corrected the false information and introduced the students to new information though the training, especially that it is important for students to know this information when dealing with drug addicts in their work in the future as social workers and psychological counselors.

At the end of the training the participant students were given certificates in the presence of MSD head of the supervisory committee, Mr. Taher Al Nammari, as well as Dr. Khulood Al-Safadi and Mr. Issam Jwehan.

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