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الانشطة والانجازات

MSD participates in the annual celebration of the Children’s right Convention Day

On Saturday 01/12/2012, MSD participated in the annual celebration of the Children’s rights Convention Day that took place in the Cultural Palace/Ramallah in cooperation with Save the Children and with the participation of various Jerusalem civil and youth institutions. MSD presented an awareness animation movie about the disadvantages of smoking in the name of the students of Husni Al Ashhab ... Read More »

Al-Maqdese succeeds issue a Jerusalem ID for a female citizen after a suffering that lasted for 17 years

This week, Al-Maqdese Legal Clinic succeeded in issuing a Jerusalem ID card for Fatima- the wife of Zahi Al Baseti-  whose husband pursued legal assistanceto issue his wife a Jerusalem ID card at the end of the year 2011,Zahi started the procedures since 1995, as he went to several lawyers, organizations, and working centers within the last few years. Al-Maqdese ... Read More »

MSD concluded a training course about the documentation of children’s rights violations in Jerusalem

On the 23rd of October, MSD concluded a training course for 23 Jerusalem institutions working in implementing children’s rights programs, the training course was aboutthe documentation of children’s rights violations in Jerusalem, it was held in partnership with Save the Children and funded by UNDP. MSD, SC and UNICEF provided the training for three days in a row in Al Maqdese’s ... Read More »

Following Al-Maqdese legal pressure: Prisons Administration starts renovating department 4 of Nafha Prison

Al-Maqdese received today a decision stating that department 4 of Nafha prison will be closed to make the necessary repairs and renovations there. Al-Maqdese Legal Clinic was pursuing the file of prisoners of Jerusalem and lands within the green line; these prisoners were moved from Galbou’ prison to department 4 in Nafha prison on 04/03/2012.  Following a number of onsite ... Read More »

The Israeli authorities designates paths for people with special needs in the post office in Jerusalem

Al-Maqdese legal clinic received today a written response from the Israeli post authority and the ministry of communication stating that they checked the infrastructure of the post office in Salah Aldeen Street in Jerusalem. This office is considerd a headquarter that large numbers of jerusalemites head to in order to receive different services. The response also stated that based on ... Read More »

MSD celebrates the graduation of 80 Jerusalemite women on vocational training and project management

In the presence of the minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Mr. Adnan Al-Hussieni, and the minister of Labour, Dr.Ahmad Majdalani, Al-Maqdese for Society Development celebrated today in its office in Al-Ram the graduation of 80 Jerusalemite women who attended vocational training and small and medium project management trainings in Jerusalem. These trainings were conducted within the framework of the gender equality ... Read More »

Al-Maqdese succeeds to obtain three residency permits for Palestinian men and women in Jerusalem

Al-Maqdese succeeds through its Legal Clinic to issue temporary identity cards for three Jerusalemites coming from Shufat Refugee camp and Al-Issawyeh. The Clinic received the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Interior to give them residency cards by the end of  July. The first applicant to the Legal Clinic was Mr. Abd Al-Hameed Al-Dabet, his wife Samia and their seven ... Read More »

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