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الانشطة والانجازات

Under the Auspices of the President Mahmoud Abbas, Al-Maqdese holds an honoring ceremony of the Anti-Drug Authority and Police and the Palestinian Security Forces

Jerusalem- 17/06/2015, Al-Maqdese held an honoring ceremony of the Anti-Drug Authority and Police, the General Investigation Unit and the Palestinian Security Forces on the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in honor of their great efforts and accomplishments in fighting drug use, with the presence of the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Eng. Adnan Husseini, the ... Read More »

Paper on the Occasion of International Women’s Day

The reality of Palestinian women in light of the violation of their rights and depriving them from their basic and fundamental rights in the city of Jerusalem… Until when? The United Nations announced that the slogan for this year’s International Women’s Day is (Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity), however… when we are talking about the reality of Palestinian women, especially in ... Read More »

Al-Maqdese concludes an awareness raising sessionfor entrepreneurs in the city of Jerusalem

Jerusalem 15\02\2015, Al-Maqdese concluded an awareness raising session for entrepreneurs through its Business Development Center (BDC), with the presence of experts, legal, financial and administrative specialists and tens of entrepreneurs from the city of Jerusalem and its suburbs. The session focused on three main themes, an introduction on how to start with the implementation of small and medium size projects, ... Read More »

Al-Maqdese implements an awareness raising campaign on children arrest

Through its awareness raising campaign on children arrest, Al-Maqdese held an awareness raising session, in partnership with the Women’s Center in Shu’fat Refuge Camp, the session targeted 20 female and male participants, mothers and their children, as the legal counselor of Al-Maqdese, Mr. Bassam Ass’ad, explained how to act during arrests implemented by the Israeli occupation authorities in light of ... Read More »

Al-Maqdese and Birzeit University hold the third graduation ceremony for students of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration

Jerusalem, 03\02\2015, Al-Maqdese and Birzeit University\ Faculty of Law and Public Administration graduated more than 160 male and female students from various specialties in the faculty, with the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Dr. Asem Khalil, heads of the faculty’s departments,Head of the Supervisory Committee of Al-Maqdese, Mr. Taher Nammari and the General ... Read More »

MSD hosts a delegation of representatives of Norwegian Union Workers

Al-Maqdese hosted today a delegation of representatives of Norwegian Union Workers in its office in Jerusalem; the delegation also included representatives of the Norwegian People’s Aid office and NUMGE as members of the board, the executive team and consultants attended the meeting. This meeting came in light of the visit the delegation conducted for Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza ... Read More »

“Say no to smoking… Give me your cigarette and take an apple”

On 31/05/2014, Al-Maqdese and Burj Al-Luqluqorganized a campaign in the city of Jerusalem and its old town entitled: ‘Say nofor smoking …give me your cigarette and take an apple’, on the international Day to combat smoking. The campaign started at noon in front of Damascus Gate with the participation of more than fifty volunteers from Al-Maqdese, Burj Al-Luqluqand the Sons ... Read More »

Al-Maqdese concludes the project of “Provision of civil society organization (CSO)capacity building components regarding blood borneand sex borne diseasesespecially HIV/AIDS and related dangerous behaviors”

On 29/05/2014, Al-Maqdese held the final conference of the project “Provision of civil society organization (CSO) capacity building components regarding blood borne and sex borne diseasese specially HIV/AIDS and related dangerous behaviors”funded by the UNDP and the Global Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, AIDS and Malaria at the Red Crescent Hall in Al-Bireh and through the video conference in Gaza, with ... Read More »

MSD conducts awareness raising sessions at its headquartersand the Jerusalem Governorate Office

 MSD conducted 2 awareness raising sessions about the rights of Palestinian workers in the Israeli labor market and settlements, these sessions addressed the most important labor rights stipulated in the local and international laws, treaties and conventions, as they addressed theright to minimum wage, holidays, vacations and compensation of all kinds, in addition to other issues and rights entitled by ... Read More »

MSD concludes itsseries oflegal trainings on the Israeli Labor Law for the students of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University

MSD concluded a second training course at Birzeit University; this training comes to complement the series of the first courses that were held on Israeli Labor Law, and to respond to the high demand by the faculty students on such courses, an additional training course was conducted on the topic of basic workers’ rights with regards to wages, vacations and ... Read More »

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